5th Wednesday worship - January 30 at JCHS

6:30 - 8:00 PM

In coordination with the Johnson County FCA, we want to introduce a new worship opportunity for our students.  Beginning this January, we will be meeting in various locations on the fifth Wednesdays of the month.  On January 30th, we will be meeting at Johnson County High School for a time of worship and prayer.  The night will begin with a meal at 6:30 and worship will begin at 7:00.  During worship, we will provide several prompts and opportunities for students to pray as a part of their worship.

This whole vision began in several different pieces. At a recent meeting at Milligan College, campus minister and spiritual director, Brad Wallace, shared that the major struggle students on campus face in their spiritual growth was the feeling of inadequacy when it comes to prayer. We want to meet this feeling head on and equip our students with confidence to approach the throne of grace and mercy in prayer and worship. Alongside this is the fact that there are roughly 900 students in the Johnson County High School and Middle School which are spread out across the county.  We want to see these students come together, regardless of their religious affiliation, to worship and glorify the name of Christ Jesus.  Thus, we come to the idea of fifth Wednesday worship.

We would love for you to join us for this time of worship and prayer.  

As far as future events, we are currently working on plans for the fifth Wednesdays in May and July as a way to kick off summer and to send our students back to school.  We look forward to what this could do for our community, but more than anything we simply seek to exalt the name of Jesus above everything else.