South dakota Mission Trip

This year, we have a wonderful opportunity to offer for our 2019 mission trip.  This year we will be venturing to the Badlands of South Dakota.  For the past decade and more, groups of Christians from Indiana and Tennessee have traveled to this area to reach the Lakota-Souix Indians on the Pine Ridge Rez.  Each year, these groups will gather in small villages and communities such as Wanblee and Potato Creek.  Kids coming running from all directions when they see the church vans pull into the community.  Each day, the mission teams play games with the kids that come visit, draw with chalk, make crafts, and tell a Bible story.

This year, we at FCC want to join them in the effort of building the Kingdom in South Dakota.  We need a lot of help to keep this affordable for those who want to go and to make this week as impactful as possible.  As you can tell on the above map, just the drive alone is over 3,000 miles and we can expect about another 750 in commuting and travel through the week.  Include alongside this is the expense of lodging at the KOA just outside the Badlands or the hotel nearby and the food for 3 meals a day for the week.

During this trip, we will spend the "Rez" days playing games and sharing a Bible lesson with the children.  It is a lot like VBS, but with 40 kids who know very little about Jesus and want to run wild.  (So basically, youth ministry).  Each night, we will gather in the Badlands for a time of worship, personal prayer and study, and, as time allows, exploring.  Our travel days, will be long and boring, but through the support of the local churches we will be hosted on couches, pews, or air mattresses.  It is the understanding of the leaders of this trip, that this may your only trip to see the wonders of this part of the country.  So, we attempt to make this as enjoyable as possible.  That is why we are taking a small detour into Michigan and taking different routes there and back.  Because of the once in a lifetime experience and the nature of this trip, we will take a day off for exploring the wonders of western South Dakota.  This will include a visit to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and a wilderness loop to see the wildlife of the area.  

Here's the details that you need to know for this trip:

When is the trip?

- June 5-15. (Travel June 5-6, 14-15, On the Rez 7-8, 10-13, Outing Day 9)

- We will be meeting twice to gauge interest and to give details on February 17 and May 19. 

What is the cost?

- Roughly $225.  There will be opportunities to fundraise to bring this down.

- We will be staggering deadlines, once per month (March-May) to help offset the impact of this price.

How can you help if you aren't going with us?

- Donate. We will have several opportunities for you to help us.  One of these will be a "Support a Mile Program".  We estimate that it will cost about $.25 per mile for fuel.  As we collect money for the fuel on the trip we will update the map for you to see.  We will also run a physical donation each month from March-May so that you can donate goods for the children and different foods that we will need for the week.

As the time nears, we will continue to update you on details and information.  

We ask that you prayerfully consider how you can be a part of this mission trip, whether that be through financial support or through going.  Regardless of your role in this trip, we ask that you would pray for those who are going that God would work, as He has in the past, to draw the lost into a saving relationship with Him.